All students deserve tuition. The curriculum is demanding, from Kindergarten to HSC.
With the support of Pacific Tutoring, we can make a difference in their lives, right now.
Our strength and resilience is built on the support of those around us. Enabling children
to harness the desire to make their dreams come true; is just the beginning of what we

With family, friends and our support, we can guide our children, towards bigger and better
things they desire in life.

Maths and English tuition

Our centres are designed for Pre-Kindy to HSC. We are here to help parents & carers improve the performance of students, at school and at home. Areas of tutoring are Mathematics,English, Reading, Writing & Spelling. Competence in these areas will improve, and so will their confidence; now ,and in the future.
Pina Mirzai

Pina Mirzai is the founder of Pacific Tutoring. She has completed her Bachelor degree in ecomomics and mother of 2. Pina has started these centres due to her children's problems at school and she always believed that the ratio of 1 teacher to up to 20 students is very unfair, both to the teacher and student.