Maths and English Tuition


Do you find it difficult to help your children with their maths tasks?

Confidence is the key factor to success. In order for your children to achieve success in their education they need to develop confidence in themselves and in their ability. We are here to work with you and the school to  “ DEVELOP THIS CONFIDENCE IN YOUR KIDS.”
At Pacific Tutoring we assist your children to do just that “ HELP THEM BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE AND THEIR ABILITY IN MATHS !!!”


An ongoing performance and evaluation of each student will be conducted in our tuition centres and will be made available to those teaching your child, and to you on request. These reports will emphasise where the student’s strength and weaknesses are and thereby encourage further development in these areas of Maths and English. Using this information, the teachers will source appropriate exercises in the program to overcome their weaknesses and build upon their strengths. As a result your children will become more confident and competent in mathematics and English.